Failed to execute ‘removeChild’ on ‘Node’.

This error is frequently noticed on some projects. Though it seems to be something to do with DOM modification, there seems to be nothing obvious from code where this could be caused. So, turns out there can be multiple reasons for this to occur: 1. Applying browser translation on non-wrapped elements.2. Conditionally rendering elements inside… Continue reading Failed to execute ‘removeChild’ on ‘Node’.

DI deets

The title seems vague? I hope you guessed already what it is going to be about. In this blog post, I will be sharing about dependency injection in general and move to further discuss the DI details in Angular framework. I will try to dive deeper into the topic and demystify some of the less known concepts… Continue reading DI deets

Code Lab — Web Components using Angular Elements

Link to Code Lab: In this small blog post, I’ll walk through the code lab I created for learning how to create web components using Angular Elements, understanding the different web component specifications, and then being able to use them in some other frameworks. In the month of February, I will be speaking at… Continue reading Code Lab — Web Components using Angular Elements

A book on Angular Routing?

When I started my journey of learning Angular, the concept that captured my interest totally was the routing and navigation techniques in the framework. First of all, my basic understanding of web apps was that there are multiple pages and clicking on one element on a page would link to the next page having a… Continue reading A book on Angular Routing?

Custom A2HS for your PWA

I came across a question somewhere regarding adding a custom prompt of “Add to Home Screen” for your progressive web application for the browsers that do not have a built-in support for the same. An example of this is the Safari browser that currently does not prompt the user for adding an app to your… Continue reading Custom A2HS for your PWA

Counter with Redux-saga

Have been exploring redux-saga lately and thought I will put down here a simple counter example using Redux saga with TypeScript to manage the counter state across the application. We will start with with a simple create-react-app with a Counter Component. In the first part of the article, we will see how to modify the… Continue reading Counter with Redux-saga

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Implement an e-commerce application

Create relevant components and modules Perform routing in your app Prepare services to interact with data Manage the state of the application We’ll create a cart example where we would implement all the concepts like services, routing, state management using services etc. It would basically look like: Set up development environment Install node and npm… Continue reading Implement an e-commerce application

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Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)

Around May 2018, I started my journey of development and with Angular. With loads of learning and projects in the progress, I started writing blog posts and sharing my understanding with others through the writings, videos, discussions etc. This gave way to diving deeper into technology and I started sharing my learning by delivering talks… Continue reading Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)