How using Server-Timing API helped bring > 70% perf improvement

When working on the web, we all end up coming across situations where the experience for the user seems a bit janky. This happens either when you are dogfooding, or the users actually highlight facing that slowness, or you see that for yourself in your performance metrics or tools. What one’d do in such a… Continue reading How using Server-Timing API helped bring > 70% perf improvement

Breaking up long tasks

Imagine the scenario where you click on an element and expect a response but the element doesn’t seem like it was clicked and doesn’t respond, so you click again. Those two clicks however, when the response completes, lead to undoing the action you wanted. Ever happened with you? Sounds frustrating, doesn’t it? This is the… Continue reading Breaking up long tasks

Custom A2HS for your PWA

I came across a question somewhere regarding adding a custom prompt of “Add to Home Screen” for your progressive web application for the browsers that do not have a built-in support for the same. An example of this is the Safari browser that currently does not prompt the user for adding an app to your… Continue reading Custom A2HS for your PWA

DI deets

The title seems vague? I hope you guessed already what it is going to be about. In this blog post, I will be sharing about dependency injection in general and move to further discuss the DI details in Angular framework. I will try to dive deeper into the topic and demystify some of the less known concepts… Continue reading DI deets