IWD India Summit 2020

IWD India Summit 2020 is not very far and I am sure all of you are as excited as I am.
I will be talking about framework-agnostic web components in Polymer, Angular etc. on May 31, 2020.

Talk: Web Technologies/Angular
Date & Time: May 31, 3:15PM ā€” 3:45PM

I am writing this blog post to bring up the main reason of why I am so excited to be talking to everyone at this platform. Being aware of the very less participation of women from India in tech communities, contribution in different ways like Writing, Speaking, Stack Overflow, Open source projects etc. , I want to share that I would love to help you get started in the field in whichever way possible.

Everybody gets super motivated after listening someone speak, watching their work at such platforms. I did too and constantly do now. And I feel this would be the right time for those of you thinking where to start from and how to start.

I will be running dedicated learning sessions related to web technologies for you all. I will be announcing this in my talk at IWD India as well and Iā€™d like to mention, please feel free to reach out to me and let us get more people sharing their expertise, writing articles, sharing their fun development projects etc.

Especially, all you lovely women out there, I am attaching my Twitter/LinkedIn details here just to get an understanding of your interest in learning and sharing more. Do let me know, and we chat further šŸ™‚



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