ng-Srilanka: Good to knows before attending my talk

Hey everyone! In around 10 days from today, I will be speaking at ng-Srilanka, the first ever Angular conference of SriLanka. I will be speaking on the topic “Creating Libraries in Angular” on 14th September, 2019, along with some other great speakers. The purpose of this blog post is to make sure you are well-versed… Continue reading ng-Srilanka: Good to knows before attending my talk

A book on Angular Routing?

When I started my journey of learning Angular, the concept that captured my interest totally was the routing and navigation techniques in the framework. First of all, my basic understanding of web apps was that there are multiple pages and clicking on one element on a page would link to the next page having a… Continue reading A book on Angular Routing?

Angular Library with ng-packagr

NOTE: The article is relevant to the earlier versions of Angular and with the version 7 and above, we can create a library in Angular using the command ng generate library <library-name> . For more on this, refer to the documentation here: When you have a small application with three or more components, and they… Continue reading Angular Library with ng-packagr

CSharp Corner Conference 2019

In the month of April 2019, I got the opportunity to speak at the annual conference of CSharp Corner. CSharp Corner is the worldwide community of software professionals and developers located in the USA. The conference included talks on diverse technologies such as .NET, BlockChain, Docker, Angular et cet era. With Angular being one of the… Continue reading CSharp Corner Conference 2019