Faking a back-end server in Angular

In this blog post, we will see how to work with data without using a real server. This means without having to use a server where the data resides or without having to working with $http services or requesting APIs, we can use the data and perform CRUD operations with that. Wait, what is CRUD… Continue reading Faking a back-end server in Angular

Pre-requisites for my talk at #ngIndia

Hello lovely people! With just 13 days left for the Angular conference of India — #ngIndia, here I have put down some of the must-knows before you come to attend my talk on the topic “HostBinding() & HostListener()” in Angular. ngIndia is happening on February 23, 2019 in Fortuna Excalibur, Gurgaon, India. Check the conference website ng-ind.comfor details. When you look… Continue reading Pre-requisites for my talk at #ngIndia

Angular & SPAs

I was scrolling through questions on stackoverflow and saw a lot of people questioning if Angular applications are SPAs (Single-page applications) or what are SPAs. Hope this blog post will contain the information required to understand what this actually means. To start with, let us try to comprehend the meaning of the term Single-page applications.… Continue reading Angular & SPAs

Instant Search Tab in Angular

In this blog post, we will learn doing Instant search in Angular using the data from Cloud Firestore. So let us first assume what we actually want to have as the results on the browser. We want to create a search tab on the browser which has a placeholder saying â€śSearch by name”. As we type a… Continue reading Instant Search Tab in Angular

Contemplating 2018

Graduating from the university in this year, 2018 was a revolutionary year for me. This was due to loads of things happening around. Since it was a break time after college and my campus placement at this renowned company, IBM was still months away for joining, I went for a fellowship program based on Community… Continue reading Contemplating 2018

Using setValue and patchValue

In this blog post, we will see that when building Reactive Forms, if we need to update the input elements on the form from our component class, we use setValue and patchValue. If you are new to Reactive Forms, I would recommend you to go through this article : Reactive (Model-Driven) Forms  We use setvalue to… Continue reading Using setValue and patchValue

Installing node.js using NVM

Can we manage and use different versions of Node.js on the same machine? Using NVM, we can! Node Version Manager (NVM) is a tool that helps us to use different versions of Node.js on the same machine, each version running locally in its isolated environment. We can also switch between different versions with out hampering… Continue reading Installing node.js using NVM

Udemy- Step by Step Guide: Angular for Beginners

I am very excited to share that my course Angular for Beginners by BPB Publications has been published on Udemy.com (https://www.udemy.com/angular-for-beginners-l/). It is a step-by-step video course for all the Angular beginners  This course will focus on creating web applications using the JavaScript framework Angular and will walk us through a journey of learning how to install… Continue reading Udemy- Step by Step Guide: Angular for Beginners

Node’s REPL Mode

When working with node, if we type in node command with an executable script for it, the node starts a REPL session. But, What is a REPL session? REPL is Read-Eval-Print-Loop implementation provided by the REPL module which exists both as a standalone program as well as a includible one in other applications. It is very… Continue reading Node’s REPL Mode