Debugging Angular Apps

We have been working with a variety of concepts in Angular, but when it comes to debugging our Angular application, that’s when it becomes one of the hardest parts of the job. The very first step when it comes to solving the errors in our application is reading and comprehending the error messages correctly. Most… Continue reading Debugging Angular Apps

Video: Reactive Forms in Angular

In Angular, Forms are of two types: Template-driven Forms Model-driven Forms, also known as Reactive Forms Reactive Forms are used when there is some immutable data model, which is mapped to a database.To learn more about the working of Reactive Forms, refer to the blog post: Reactive (Model-driven) Forms in AngularĀ orĀ  Watch this video on… Continue reading Video: Reactive Forms in Angular

Proud to deliver Angular talk in India’s largest Angular Conference: ng-India

February 23, 2019 is the date.  I will be speaking in India’s largest Angular conference, ng-India. I will be talking about @HostBinding() and @HostListener() in Angular.  The conference starts at 7:30 AM in the morning with the registration process, some talks followed by timely snack and lunch breaks. A welcome note by the organiser of… Continue reading Proud to deliver Angular talk in India’s largest Angular Conference: ng-India

Wildcard Routes in Angular

In a routing-based angular application, we create different routes to be directed to, and for that we create different components. If you are new to routing, refer to my previous article on how to create basic routes in Angular here. To start with understanding what are wildcard routes, let us first assume that we have… Continue reading Wildcard Routes in Angular

JavaScript Modules vs. NgModules

This article explains in short about the difference between the JavaScript modules and NgModules and that how they are used in Angular. Modules help organize our code and use it in an efficient way. The manner in which the code is organised is different for JavaScript and Angular but the ultimate purpose of a module… Continue reading JavaScript Modules vs. NgModules

Course: Angular for Beginners

To all the beginners of Angular out there, here is a step-by-step video course for you all. This course will focus on creating web applications using the JavaScript framework AngularĀ and will walk us through a journey of learning how to install Angular to learning how to route from one page to another using components, directives,… Continue reading Course: Angular for Beginners

Using Redux in Angular

In this blog post, we will see how to integrate and use Redux with Angular. Before beginning, let us have a basic understanding of what Redux is! Redux is an open-source JavaScript library that can be used with any other view library like React, Angular etc. The best perk of using Redux is that in… Continue reading Using Redux in Angular

Angular Model-Driven (Reactive) Forms

Forms come handy when handling user-input and enabling user to log in, update information, and other data-entry tasks. These are basically used to capture user input events. In Angular, there are two approaches to handling user inputs. Template-Driven Forms Reactive Forms Template Driven Forms Template Driven Forms are used to bind the data to the… Continue reading Angular Model-Driven (Reactive) Forms